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collage pictures of Waco School


Time Line of the History of Waco Elementary School 


1912 - Waco School was established in a two-story brick building and a small weatherboard building servicing all grade levels in Waco community.

1923 - Four additional classrooms were added along with an office space and auditorium to the front of the two-story building.

1926 - The weatherboard building was moved and converted into a home for the custodian.

1988 - The weatherboard building was demolished and a new custodian home was built which is now Waco's Family Resource Center (FRC) building.

1936 - Multiple classrooms and a gymnasium was added to the Waco school building. 

1948 - Two more classrooms and the cafeteria was added to the building.

1949 - A Cannery was built on the school site to serve the community's canning needs. It was later converted into classroom facilities. The Cannery was demolished in 1988 to make room for a parking area and another addition to the school.

1955 - Waco, Kingston, and Kirksville High merged  schools and Madison Central High School was established.

1958 - Waco's ninth grade was transferred from Waco to Madison Central High. 

1974 - Waco's eighth grade was transferred to Clark Moores Middle School.

1978 - Waco's seventh grade transferred to Clark Moores Middle School.

1982 - The original Waco clapboard building was demolished.

1988 - A back addition was added to Waco school and became the Library Media Center and primary classrooms.

1994 - Two additional classrooms was added.

1997 - In the summer of 1997 renovation began on the 1936 addition of the school to service fourth and fifth grades at Waco Elementary. The wiring was updated and computers installed in each classroom and the cafeteria additional was added to Waco school.

1998 - In the summer of 1998 the 1912 building was razed and a new computer lab three classrooms, office, nurse's station, faculty workroom, and bathrooms were added to the Waco building.

2011 - A weather awning was installed on the back of the building.

2013 - Waco installed a walking wellness trail on the back playground.

2018 - Construction on a new playground commenced in the center of the new wellness walking trail.